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CNET Looks at the new way to read books and The Sower 2.0

by Josh Lowensohn
The idea of finding out more about a word or phrase you run across while reading is becoming more popular. In reading applications on the iPad, and of course, Amazon’s Kindle, it’s now common to find a built-in dictionary tool, or a way to start a Web search on something that may have [...]

New edition: The Sower 2.0 Launches

A new edition of the latest Kemble Scott novel launched today: The Sower 2.0.
How can a novel have a version 2.0? Digital books don’t have to be static objects – they can be updated or changed by authors. That’s exactly what has happened with The Sower 2.0. Set in an alternative vision of the present [...]

On “Be the Media” Radio

Interviewed by David Mathison about the evolution of books and the way they are published. The segment begins at 67:35 into the program.

Review from Erotica Revealed

By Kathleen Bradean
The title of Kemble Scott’s The Sower is from the parable in the Book of Mark in the New Testament. If you got kicked out of Sunday School classes as often as I did (I swear the teachers started it) you might not be up on your gospels. Basically, things thrive in a [...] Coverage of the Premiere of the Why There Are Words Reading Series

by Evan Karp
A new literary series might not be news to some … aha! I started with an inside joke. It’s rare that humor enters this column; maybe I should change that. (Then again, that wasn’t very funny …)
Click here to read the full article – contains video clips too

Pen Women Presents archives now online

A blast from the past, circa 2007.

The San Francisco Book Review

“The Sower reaps a good tale.”
Read the full review on page 7

SF Weekly on Kemble Scott’s Dual Identity

Scott James, the author of The New York Times’ Barbary Coast column, is probably the most cutting edge journalist to penetrate the Bay Area media scene in some time.
He’s blown up the blogosphere and riled various segments of the community with his columns that have captured some controversial quotes, most notably from Vallejo Mayor Osby [...]

San Jose Mercury News on THE SOWER’s journey

Startup’s one-stop publishing gives writers a new avenue
By Scott Duke Harris
Updated: 10/09/2009 08:51:31 AM PDT
The Scribd Store, the San Francisco startup’s new e-book marketplace, was jump-started this spring by “The Sower,” a satirical biotech thriller by Kemble Scott about a man who has curative powers that can be delivered only through sexual contact.
Scott, who had [...]

MediaBistro’s BayNewser on THE SOWER

Scribd Author’s e-Book Goes into Print
By E.B. Boyd
Sep 30, 2009 03:51 AM
A couple of weeks ago, we told you how San Francisco author Kemble Scott’s e-book was debuting at number five on the San Francisco Chronicle bestseller list. Now the book has made it into print.
Scott tells All Things D’s Kara Swisher that, following the [...]